10 Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids

It’s the beginning of the holiday season and my grandchildren are already anticipating opening their gifts!  The retail stores don’t make it any easier since they’ve made sure to put all of the favorite toys up front and center.

But birthday parties also happen during the holiday seasons and then it becomes a battle of finding an even more unique birthday gift for kids that will outrank their holiday gifts. I just love how excited kids get for their special day! Don’t you?

Although I have plenty of time, I have begun to research what new unique birthday gifts for kids are popular.  As long as I’m doing the leg work I thought I would share my findings with all of you.

Have you ever been invited to a kids’ birthday party that already has a zillion toys? Plus, it’s the holiday season and you’ll have to buy them a gift for that too! So how do you find something that will make them feel special on their day? Ahhhh…competing with jolly Old Saint Nicholas is not easy but the gifts below give you a standing chance! 

 Here are some unique birthday gifts for kids that are different:

  • Fat Brain Toys InnyBin—it’s for ages 10 months to 2 years.  A toddler will be kept busy for a long-time putting things inside other things.
  • Starry Night AirFort—for ages 3 and up.  Unlike most forts this one is very easy to set-up and take-down.  It’s wide enough to fit more than one.  Kids will love how the stars glow in the dark.
  • Fairytale Baby Books—ages birth and up.  What kid doesn’t want to be a part of a fairy tale? Not 1! Especially one that is exclusive to their story. Our stories are the perfect unique birthday gifts for kids.  Why?  Because these origin stories are as distinctive as the birthday child themselves. This is a gift that they will have forever as a keepsake and will promote reading. These customized children’s books are available for purchase online in both hardcover and as an eBook.
  • Construction Plate and Utensils—If your kids are into building, tools, or anything related to construction, this is the perfect holiday gift for them! Make eating fun (especially for those tough eaters) by getting them this set of equipment turned plate set this holiday season. Even the utensils are shaped like construction trucks with wheels!
  • Wack-a-Tag Game—for ages 18 months and up.  This is fun inside or out. It’s a fun game to keep your kids active, good for eye hand coordination and some healthy competition moments. Trick your kids into being more active with this wack-a-tag game that can be played solo or with up to 3 kids. Make them compete!
  • Kid Trax Interactive Recycling Truck 6V Ride-On Toy—for ages 1 ½ to 4 years.  In my preschool class and when I’m with my grandson’s trash day is the main event over anything else that is going on.  They love to watch the trash truck come.  Being able to have their very own to ride on will be a big hit.
  • Fisher-Price S’more Fun Campfire—for ages 3 and up.  My son bought this for his nephews and they loved it!  Check out my blog on Quick and Easy Recipes to Bake With Kids for a yummy oven baked s’more bars recipe.  Then include this and the ingredients with your gift for even more fun.
  • Botley the Coding Robot 2.0—for ages 5 and up.  In a world where technology is part of our everyday life it is never too early to start learning how to code.  Kids can have hours of fun turning Botley into a train, ghost, police car and so much more.
  • Alphabet Acorns Activity Set—for ages 3 and up.  This is definitely going on my unique birthday gifts for kids list that I hand out to the parents in my preschool class!  There’s a surprise in every acorn that coordinates with the letter.  And, it develops their alphabet skills, color matching/recognition and for those a little older spelling out simple words.
  • Stepping Stones for kids—this toy is offers lots of play options.  I’m planning on ordering this for my classroom.  These are great for helping young ones learning balancing and coordination skills.  Come up with games to play with these; jumping from color to color, laying them all over as if they are hot lava and try not to step on it, make an obstacle course and let them ride their bikes around it.  Let your and their imagination flow as you play.

If buying unique gifts for kids for the holidays wasn’t hard enough for me as a mother, it’s only harder as a grandmother. I never know “what’s in” or not. However as both a teacher and a parent, this research was so helpful for me.

I haven’t decided yet on what I’m going to get my grandson.  But, after doing this research I know what I don’t what to buy him. I will probably purchase a few of the unique kid toys I found during my research for the holidays and can absolutely see myself buying some for the toddlers that are in my life.