2021 Summer Reads for Toddlers

You’ve played outside all day.  Your little ones are hot, tired and need a break.  So, grab a cool drink or maybe a popsicle, and pick some books to read while everyone relaxes. 

We often keep toys in every nook and cranny of our home.  But most of us keep children’s books on a shelf in the child’s room.  My experience as a preschool teacher is that kids gravitate to whatever is easiest to grab.  So, place a few baskets of books next to those toys.  Then your little one(s) might pick up a book, instead.

Offering a few book baskets is a great way to introduce the concept of sorting—a very important tool to help develop their math and reading skills.  Here are a few examples of the types of baskets you can create, along with some suggestions for 2021 summer reads for toddlers.

  1. Picture Books for Toddlers  
    • The Boy Who Loved Everyone
      • by Jane Porter and Maisie Paradise Shearring
        • A story about the first day of school
    • Outside, Inside
      • by Leuyen Pham
        • A book about pre/post pandemic
    • Washy, Wash! And Other Healthy Habits  
      • by Sesame Street
        • A read that explains how to stay healthy
  2. 2021 New Books to Read to Children
    • Grumpy Bird
      • by Jeremy Tankard
        • Helps your toddler to understand their emotions with lots of giggles
    • The Wonderful Things You Will Be
      • by Emily Winfeld Martin
        • Helps build self confidence in children
    • Fairytale Baby Books
      • by YOU as the author
        • The origin story of your child, reimagined as fairytale, showing how excited everyone was when they were born
  3. Best Books for Beginner Readers 2021
    • Unicorn and Yeti #1,
      • by Heather Ayris Burnell
        • Teaches that even with differences, we can all we find things in common and have fun together
    • Princess Truly #1
      • by Kelly Greenawalt         
        • Shows how you can help a friend be their best
    • Things That Go
      • by James Buckley Jr.
        • A fun way to build vocabulary

When you show children at a young age how wonderful books can be, it leaves a lasting impression.  Their love of reading may make them a better student, help them develop their creative side, keep them company when no one is around to play, and take them to faraway places, both real and imaginary.  The list goes on and on. 

And remember, children learn by example.  Let them see you curled up in a comfy spot reading a book.  Who knows?  They may grab one from their reading basket and snuggle with you.  That would indeed be a win, win!

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