10 Back to School Tips for Parents

Many of you know I’m a preschool teacher, which means I am in the midst of getting ready for my first day of school.  My class is called The Little Ducklings. So, I sit here writing this blog while listening to the sound of my printer shooting out paper with visuals of little ducks.  And […]

Five Quick Short Stories for Kids

I have written numerous blogs and why reading to toddlers is a great activity filled with lots of benefits: Develops listening skills Expands their vocabulary Creates bonding opportunities Helps develop concentration Teaches life lessons and social development Finding the time to read isn’t always easy, especially if you have more than one child.  Bedtime is […]

What to Expect in Their First Year

Last month I was blessed with the joy of becoming a grammy for the 3rd time!  Like having multiple children, each time is unique and special.  He is absolutely the cutest.  His big brothers (3 ½ and 2 ½) are so excited.  Now, this may change when he begins to crawl. But that’s a topic […]

Top 5 Parenting Books for Expecting Parents

We spend a minimum of 12 years in school to prepare for life as a grown-up. But most of us are not prepared for parenthood, be it by pregnancy, surrogacy, or adoption.  As soon as my husband and I found out that the roles of mommy and daddy were in our future, I began reading […]

Top 10 Strollers for 2021

I remember looking for just the right stroller when my sons were born.  So many choices!  Then 29 years later, I began looking for the best stroller to use as a grammy.  Again, so many choices! I’ve done some research for the top strollers of 2021.  Hopefully, it will help you make the right decision. […]

Child Development: What’s Typical vs. What’s Not?

First, let me start by saying, I am a mom. grammy, and preschool teacher.  I can share my personal experience with you.  BUT…if you have any major concerns about your child’s development, the best person to ask would be your pediatrician.  Remember, no question is a bad question.  When my first born was around 4 […]

Quick and Easy Recipes to Bake with Kids

Besides being the publisher of Fairytale Baby Books, I am a teacher.  And I love watching my preschool students learn skills through fun activities, which brings me to baking with kids as the perfect way to introduce them to a number of skill sets: Math Following directions Organization Improves motor skills Increases vocabulary Importance of […]

2021 Summer Reads for Toddlers

You’ve played outside all day.  Your little ones are hot, tired and need a break.  So, grab a cool drink or maybe a popsicle, and pick some books to read while everyone relaxes.  We often keep toys in every nook and cranny of our home.  But most of us keep children’s books on a shelf […]

Summer Activities for Kids

During all those cold winter days and nights, we constantly wish for summer.  And now we are elated finally here!  But for some of us, that feeling goes away after a day or two.  The sound of our kids whining, “What we are doing today?” can make us wish for snow again. If you follow […]

Teaching Diversity and Inclusion to Preschoolers

Now that the world is opening up again, I joyfully watch my grandchildren play at the park.  Even though they haven’t interacted with other kids in a year, they are quick to welcome them in the sandbox or on the playground.  Their innocence during the pandemic got me to thinking about how children view life, […]