Baby Is On Its Way! Share the News with These Pregnancy / Birth Announcement Ideas

Baby booties

You just took a pregnancy test.  You double check to make sure you’re reading it right.  And, low and behold you really are pregnant!  Congrats…you have a baby on board!!!

 You are so excited.  You can’t wait to share the news about the new life that is growing inside of you.  This is a wonderful moment for every mother-to-be.  You want to shout it from the roof tops and share this joyous moment with your family and close friends. But, like most new moms to be, you want to wait a bit to do that. 

 So, in the meantime while you are waiting, it’s a great time to come up with just the right ideas and words to share the news.  This can be tricky and fun!

 Probably the first thing you want to do is have a keepsake of your pregnancy.  Start by taking pictures of your baby bump week by week.  It’s fun to lay them all out and see the change as your little bundle of joy grows inside of you.  Don’t forget to keep all of your babies’ first pictures.  The detail in those ultrasound shots are amazing!!!  I loved looking at the ones of my grandson with his hands always above his head or covering his face.

There are lots of pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from. Where do you even begin?

If you want to go the more sentimental way here are a few options.  Indulge yourself in an exclusive maternity photoshoot flaunting your baby bump—it’s fun.  The new I Phone’s take fantastic pictures. I bet a good friend of yours would be thrilled to do your photoshoot.  Hey, and those you can edit to capture the perfect image thanks to all the photoshop apps!  Once you have the perfect picture that is customized to your personality send it out in a beautiful and personalized card. An added touch would be a sweet note about how much having this baby means to you and your family.

If having fun and being silly is more your style try these.  Write your due date on the bottom of your shoes, take a picture and text it your loved ones.  Flashback to your childhood years and make a hopscotch game on the sidewalk with all the important information in the boxes.  Have your family come out to play and watch their reaction.  It will be priceless!  One of our customers at Fairy Tale Baby Books told us they had their dog walk in the room with a customized shirt that read, “Human Playmate on its Way”!

Fast forward—nine months have passed.  You are home with your adorable Prince or Princess.  Maybe you had twins and have one of each, ha-ha. Just like the way your pregnancy announcement was personal to you, the same should be when you announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

 Very popular these days is to do a newborn shoot and use these pictures on a unique announcement card.  Again, this can be done using a professional photographer, a friend, or maybe you and your partner can take the pictures.  Ideas for ways to show off your precious baby are only a click away on Pinterest.  Some people still love the traditional way of printing up a more formal birth announcement that is beautifully done. While others want to express their gratitude with a more religious feeling announcement.

However, you decide to make the special announcement of your pregnancy or birth of your child should suit your personality.   One thing you for sure you need to do is document everything from the moment you took that first pregnancy test. This way you can present your baby with their very own personalized keepsake book.  It will give them great joy in the years to come reading things like; where you lived when you found out you were pregnant, what you craved to eat, and who first came to visit them when they were born.  And, ALWAYS ALWAYS tell them how excited you were to meet them!

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