Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas

Babys First Birthday Ideas

Hard to believe that my adorable grandson will be turning 1 year old on Halloween.  The time just flew by!!  He is busy working hard to hit a lot of a baby’s first-year milestones like saying mamma, dadda, sits up unassisted, army crawls, smiles, laughs and just started pointing at things. 

Fairytale Baby Books is a child’s gift that is personalized.  So, when I got to thinking about first birthday party ideas I thought I would write my thoughts with this vision in mind—personalize your baby’s birthday party with them in mind, not your guests.

Planning this important birthday can be tricky. Some families like to keep it small and simple.  Other’s like to invite the world.  Whatever you decide to do, try and keep it as stress-free for yourself (easier said than done for sure).  But, for sure do all can so your baby doesn’t feel stressed.

Some helpful birthday planning tips always include start brainstorming ideas and themes well in advanced.  Think about the day and time you want the party to happen.  If your little one always naps at 11:00 in the morning then maybe a late afternoon party would be best. 

Often, the 1-year old baby development includes being afraid of strangers.  Even though the party guests may indeed be on your ‘A’ list of friends, your little angel may not want any part of their reaching arms to hold him/her. 

With all this attention they most likely will feel overwhelmed and just want you. Since babies love one on one play at this age, may be a good idea would be to sit aside and let your friends quietly approach you for some baby fun moments. 

Most babies at this age are beginning to like bubbles so blow them away for all to enjoy. Your little one loves to dance I bet.  Turn off the grown-up music and put on everything baby songs. Keep your babies’ feelings in mind with party balloons.  Some love them and some are very frightened by them.

But, one thing ALL or at least most babies will love is their personalized smash cake!!!  Although in this day and age with camera phones everyone will be snapping pictures, be sure to designate one guest in particular to get that perfect 1st birthday smash cake face!!!! It for sure will go up on the wall.  Or, you could even use this shot in your babies very own Fairy Tale Baby Books that someone may give as a personalized one-year-old birthday gift.

Let’s face it – Does your little one really understands how special this day is?  Of course not! But, to you, it is the most important day since your newborn baby came into the world.  Make it special for all of you.


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