Customized Baby Books

Personal identity is vital to one’s success in life.  It identifies who you are as a human being.  It will guide you as to the choices you make in life.  This development began as soon as you were born. And the same will be for your child.

The words you choose to describe your newborn sets the stage for how they will view themselves in the future. I realize that sounds silly since they can’t understand you.  But they can feel the energy and vibe you are expelling onto them.

As they grow into the toddler years, they will begin to differentiate themselves from others. In today’s society that can go either way. Especially if they come from parents who are from a different cultural or sexual orientation background than the majority of the other kids.

They’re not always going to come to you to ask questions about where they came from or why they’re not EXACTLY like the other kids but there are many ways to introduce the information to them before they feel a little too different.

Customized baby books are a great way to help your little one develop a positive personal identity.  These books will build their self- confidence and self -esteem. Seeing themselves as the star of the story makes them feel very important.  If someone took the time to write a story about them, they must be very special!

Kids’ books that are personalized also shows them opportunities they have in life.  My son’s favorite book was one that had a picture of them on every page dressed in different professional outfits from a firefighter to police officer to an astronaut and many more.  Imagination skills are an important part of a young child’s life.  Seeing themselves in different settings helps to developed this.

One of the first words a child learns to read is their own name.  By seeing their name in a customized baby book over and over again it reinforces this.  And, if the book is about them it is relatable, and they will want to pick it up and read it all the time. 

An added bonus and opportunity with a personalized book in our house was that my youngest could actually have something with his name in it.  When we named him we never thought about all the souvenir stands and pre-made books that would be moments of disappointment for him when his name was never there.  For children with unique names and or spelling is that a customized kid book can solve this.

Children’s brain development is huge during the first 3 years of life.  So, the more you can do to stimulate that development the better.  The more words a child hears the more exposure to language the stronger their cognitive development will be.  And, anyone with a toddler knows that they love repetition and being the center of attention.  Reading them a customized storybook is perfect.

A customized baby book in some cases is able to recognize and celebrate that not every family and child are the same. By seeing a family and child like themselves helps them feel part of the world around them vs being different than others.

Personalized book makes a fantastic gift for newborns or birthday gift for toddlers.  Anyone can go to the store or shop online and buy yet one more doll or truck.  But, by taking the time and effort to seek out a customized children’s gift shows the recipient your thoughtfulness and how important they are to you.

Fairytale Baby Books is a unique customized baby book that I am very proud of.  We are different from any other personalized children’s books on the market.  We do more than just drop in the child’s name or put them in a general story that any child can be in.  Our customized books tell your child’s origin story. 

Our fairy tale stories contain unique details:

  • Names of the parent(s)
  • Name of the city/state they live in
  • Siblings
  • Pets
  • Cravings
  • Birthday date, weight, length
  • First visitors
  • And more

By providing all this personal information our books become a treasure that will spark excitement in every child that reads their story of how they came to be. It will nurture a bond between you and your child as they discover how excited you were in anticipation of their being born.  The cuddles and joy as you read this together will warm your heart.

As a preschool teacher, I feel our customized baby books are also a fantastic learning tool for toddlers.  These fairy tales help children learn:

  • To recognize their name and that of their parent(s)
  • Learn what city and state they were born in
  • Their birthdate and what season they were born in
  • And more

Customized baby books make an impression on a child that lasts a lifetime.  The more personalized story it is the more engaged the child will be.  Children love to have their parents tell them stories with them in it.  Making your child the star in their own story that they can keep forever and show their children one day is even better.