Fairy Tale Characters…Who Are Your Favorites?

Even though we haven’t met, I can guess who you will pick!!!

A fairy tale is a children’s story that includes magical imagery and make-believe lands. They are often written with children in mind, but parents also love them.  And we can all get lost in their wizardry, make-believe and wonder.

Early on, fairytales were filled with darkness and scary moments.  They actually began as stories that adults told to one another to pass the time.  And later, they became a way for adults to teach children about morality and life lessons.  Some of them would be horrifying on the big screen today.

Although I am a very proud grammy of two, I’m not so old to have been around in the 17th Century when fairy tales first began.  But, I am old enough to remember that my favorite fairy tale character was Cinderella.  I realize now that she, and others were always saved by a royal knight in shining armor.   Yes, Cinderella was strong.  She survived the abuse of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.  But instead of finding self-worth from her inner strength, she found it when she landed the heart of Prince Charming. 

Subconsciously, this sent a message to all young girls that in order to be saved, they needed a man in their lives.  I have been married for 40 years, so I am not against having a Prince or Princess Charming in one’s life.  I am against anyone feeling that their self- worth is completely tied to that person.  Our partners, if we choose to have one, should be there to add to who we are.  And even if we think we are less than whole without them, their role should be to support us and make us stronger.  First and foremost, I believe we ALWAYS need to focus on the energy derived from within, first.   

I think I found my strongest force and my favorite fairy tale when I became a mom.  From the moment my  first son was born, the Momma Bear in me came out.  And then, when I was blessed with son number two, this Momma Bear really roared.  Even though there are many parenting books to give us guidance, like those from American pediatricians Benjamin Spock and William Sears, much of what we do comes from our hearts and souls.  Somehow, we naturally fall into the role of parenthood, knowing just what our little one needs….even when we feel totally lost.

Fairy tales are traditionally passed down from generation to generation.  I have been blessed with my most beloved real-life fairytale of all time: My children and grandchildren. And they are my favorite fairytale characters.  

I’m guessing you feel the same about the prince(s) and/or princess(es) in your life!

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