Fun with Grandparents

As Poppy and Grammy came home last night, exhausted from yet another wonderful memory of building time with our grandchildren, I got to thinking about when I was given this new role 3½ years ago.  

I remember holding my infant grandson in my arms as he slept (Shh…let’s not tell my daughter-in-law that I believe cribs are made for parents, not grandparents.).  I recalled what I often heard from other grandparents.  They would say things like, “The best part is I’m giving you back the kid if there’s any crying.” or “If I get tired, you’re taking this little one home.”  But that wasn’t the feeling at all for me.

I can still remember how I was trying to get pregnant 32 years ago.  My arms ached to hold a baby of my own.  Like many in this world, my husband and I went through various infertility treatments.  It was a long and winding road.  But we eventually filled the void through joy of adoption.  And once we did, I relished every moment.  Then, we were blessed with the birth of our second child, and I was able to savor that moment, too.

So, back to holding my new grandson and admiring what a beautiful newborn he was.  I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude.  I GET TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!  Once again, I am the luckiest person in the world.  And now there are two grandkids, so my luck doubled. Given that his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, I guess it was meant to be.  And, while I’m on the subject of holiday birthdays, grandson number one happens to be a Halloween baby!

For me, I see being a Grammy like this…

I love holding a sleeping baby, when their little eyes open and close–slower and slower–as they try to fight drifting off.  I relish the calmness that overcomes me when he is snug in my arms.  Then there’s the sweet expression of pursed lips as he falls into a deeper slumber, or how he jumps and extend his arms in the air when startled, and then quickly falls back into dreamland.  But best of all is the warmth I feel from their little bodies as they rest on my chest.

Before long, they begin to walk and talk.  One of my favorite delights is when they come up to me, look me straight in the eye, begin their baby babble about something very important to them, and then just walk away.  It leaves me laughing and wondering what they had to say.  Then comes the best of the best.  They see me like always and for the very first time, call me by my newest title—GRAMMY!

My boys were part of the Raffi generation.  And as with classic rock, I’ve discovered that his recordings are still huge hits!  

Favorite Raffi Songs

  1. Apples and Bananas
  2. Five Little Ducks
  3. Baby Beluga
  4. Down by the Bay
  5. Shake My Sillies Out

The big difference is they grab my iPhone when requesting a song. 😀

While lost in my world of parental nostalgia, I glance over at my two precious grandsons.  I return to the joyful reality that I am very lucky and blessed to be their “Grammy”.

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