Help For New Moms…It Takes a Village – To Raise a Prince or Princess

newborn with parents

You’ve been waiting and planning for this moment for months.  The nursery is ready. You personalized the room and it’s not only beautiful but perfect. Just like your precious newborn bundle of joy in your arms.

Everything is going great.  You’ve figured out how to feed your baby and change their diaper.  You’re sitting holding your baby and life feels full.  You never knew this powerful love and bond existed until this moment. 

By now it’s getting late. Daddy and Mommy are tired from all the excitement of the day. Although it took a couple of tries, your little one is all swaddled and sleeping calmly near your bed.  The two of you cuddle up, shut your eyes and try to drift off to sleep. 

But, then before you know it your sleeping prince or princess is crying letting you know it’s time to eat AGAIN.  You’ve got this…you feed him or her, change their diaper, and give lots of love.  But, wait!  Your little newborn angle is still crying and no matter what you do they won’t stop.  You look at your partner for some help and reassurance just at the same moment they are looking at you with the same hope. 

None of us should be afraid to admit that we have actually freaked out a little those first few nights.  More important, is none of us should EVER be afraid to admit we need some help and assistance.

As new parents, we sometimes feel that we should be able to handle it all.  And, that it is a negative reflection on us if we can’t.  Or, that we have already failed.  It is NONE of that. But, it is something.  It’s the fact that your hormones are all out of whack or you are just exhausted.  Plus, it’s scary having this tiny little person be totally dependent on just you.

As a new Grammy, with lots of friends who share this title, as well as all the others in your life that love you, I will tell you this:  Whether it is during the day or even in the middle of the night and you don’t want to bother anyone, WE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP AND ASSIST YOU!  We would never judge you for asking.  It is never a bother no matter what time you call. So, trust me on this, just pick up the phone and ask!

Also, keep in mind that asking for help shouldn’t just go for the first few nights you come home from the hospital.  Juggling life with children can be challenging during the best of times.  Think of it this way: From the beginning of our lives we have always had someone there to support and help us.  It began when we were in the womb and then with the doctors and nurses who helped deliver all of us.  It continued as our parents took over and guided us through life.  And, along the way relatives and friends were there to assist in our journey.  My daughter-in-law loves to use the expression that I’m sure you have all heard, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.  She like many new moms has learned there is no shame in asking for a helping hand.  So, once again…JUST ASK!!


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