Memories with Grandma…Nostalgic Moments

senior with baby

About 6 months ago, I was holding my 3-month-old grandson in my arms as he slept (Shh…let’s not tell my daughter-in-law that I believe cribs are made for parents, not grandparents.).  You often hear grandparents saying things like, “The best part is I’m giving you back the kid if there’s any crying.” Or, “If I get tired, you’re taking this little one home.”  But, that wasn’t the feeling at all for me.

When I was holding him and admiring how beautiful he was, a grateful feeling came over me.  I GET TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!  I can still remember how my arms ached to hold a baby of my own. It took my husband and I awhile to fill that void, and once we did, I relished every moment.

For instance, take sleep: when their eyes open and close–slower and slower–as they try to fight drifting off, or the calmness that overcomes you when the baby is snug in your arms.  Then there’s their expression of pursed lips as they fall into a deeper slumber, or how they jump and extend their arms in the air when startled, then quickly fall back into dreamland.  But best of all is the warmth you feel from their little bodies as they rest on your chest.

Six months later, I still find myself walking down Memory Lane: he loves to be surprised just like his daddy. So, we play games like peekaboo and pretending to sneeze.  My boys were part of the Raffi generation, and like classic rock songs, I discover that Apples and Bananas and Five Little Ducks are still huge hits!

And as I get lost in my world of parental nostalgia, I look down at my hands that are lovingly holding my little precious grandson, and I am brought back to the joyful reality that I am very lucky and blessed to be his “Grammy”.


We would love to hear some of your walk-down-the-memory-lane stories.  Maybe like me as a grandparent, or maybe as a sibling or parent.

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