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From pregnancy cravings to sibling surprises... From twins to adoption...

Our FAIRYTALE stories become your PERSONAL story.


The Book

 Fairytale Baby Books are uniquely written and charmingly illustrated tales about a royal family and their desire to have a baby prince or princess.   From “Once upon a time…” to “…happy ever after,” we take factual information and a photo you provide to develop a personalized storybook in fairytale form about the family and child being showcased. 

 Each 15-page manuscript is typeset in a beautiful Old English font surrounded by corresponding colorful artwork.  Upon approval, the fairytale is printed onto antique parchment-like paper. The pages are bound in an 8” x 9” leather-look, hardcover book featuring ornately designed borders and embossed gold glitter titles—front and back. The end result is a treasured handcrafted keepsake to cherish forever.

 The Publisher

 Fairytale Baby Books is family owned, conceived and published by Cheri Glick.  A pre-school teacher by trade, Cheri discovered her passion for fashioning these sentimental keepsakes thanks to the birth of a dear friend’s granddaughter:

“I wanted to give something special. And though I never thought of myself as the creative type, the idea of a fairytale popped into my mind.  The words and storyline just began to flow.  I realized I had given a gift they would never forget, a gift the child would always love.”

Experience the joy of having your very own fable celebrating the pregnancy and birth of a child, exclusively from Fairytale Baby Books.