Pregnancy Cravings – I Want Pickles Now!


Years ago, before home pregnancy tests were available in almost every store the joke was– that if a wife sent her husband out in the middle of the night for pickles & ice cream she was surely pregnant.  At Fairytale Baby Books we have had a lot of fun reading all the different cravings moms-to-be have.

Some experts believe these cravings come from hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.  Or, maybe it’s a nutrient that is lacking in the body when you are expecting a baby.  But, one thing we know for sure is, that this craving is personalized just to you at that very moment.  And, that it is something you must have right then and there.

Fun sweets and salty foods seem to be the most common. Some pregnant moms crave crunchy snacks.  And, of course chocolate is very high up on the list. 

Some pregnancy cravings include things moms normally hate to eat.  Or, the very bizarre combination of things. The royal chef in our personalized Fairytale Baby Books has been very busy conjuring up unique meals that include things like grapefruit, all things mustard, and vinegar to name a few. In my grandson’s personalized fairy tale, it mentions a very odd vegetable casserole dish that his then pregnant mom thought sounded delicious…. even as she ate it she told us to remind her never to make that again.

Old wives tales have many theories that there is such a thing as craving genders.  But, just because you may crave sweets and dairy products associated with girl newborns or spicy salty foods for baby boy newborn, I wouldn’t run out to purchase baby girl or baby boy outfits based on what you want as your midnight snack.

Whatever your pregnancy craving is, even if you crave take-out pizza, by purchasing a personalized Fairytale Baby Books your little one will always know and probably laugh at what you wanted to eat morning, noon and night for the 9 months you carried him. 

Who knows your little prince or princess may even end up loving something you craved.  My girlfriend craved all things lemon and her son 35 years later loves all things lemon!

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