Preschool Classroom Tours


I wanted to put my preschool teacher expertise to use to help you out.  So, I came up with a list of questions to ask when touring and choosing a preschool:

  1. How many class groups are outside on the yard at the same time?  And, what is the cleaning procedure in between these groups?
  2. Do the teachers and staff get PCR Covid testing?
  3. What is the protocol when a teacher calls out?  Do you have a substitute?  What is your policy regarding them?  Do they get tested?
  4. If a staff member, child or parent has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid what is the procedure?
  5. Do you deep clean the classrooms every day? If so, what product do you use?
  6. What kind of air filters do you use?
  7. If the school was open this past year did anyone of the kids or staff have Covid?
  8. What will be the procedure if they have to close the classroom or school?  Will they go to a zoom scenario?
  9. What is your illness policy?  How long does a child have to be fever free before they can return to school?  What if they come to school with a cough?  Do they need a doctor’s note to return to class?
  10. Does every child have their own box of supplies like scissors, crayons, play dough?
  11. How do you handle drop off and pick up?  Are temperatures taken?
  12. Do you have touchless system for sign in/out?
  13. Are parents allowed in the classroom?  What if there is a separation issue?
  14. Are the children able to play together from the same classroom?
  15. Do you have a “wash me” bin in every classroom for used toys?
  16. Are masks required all day?
  17. What is the bathroom procedure?  Do you have touchless faucets? Do they wipe down the toilets after every child?  What if they are still in diapers?
  18. What is the student/teacher ratio?
  19. If they have like a music or yoga specialist that comes how do they handle that?
  20. Are classroom doors and windows open?  If so, how do you make sure a child doesn’t go out the door?  Is a child gate used?

By now, most schools have their procedures in place.  So, ask yourself this: Are you comfortable with them and does the school feel like the right fit?  Wishing you all a fabulous school experience for the 2021-2022 school year!!

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