Pandemic Survival: Making Lemons into Lemonade


I think it is safe to say that in March most–if not all–of us thought by now our lives would be back to normal.  Sadly, we can see that is not the case.

I’ve always been a make lemonade out of lemons kind of gal.  So, I’m trying hard to apply this motto now.  Not always easy, but I try.

…I’m realizing that it’s okay to just sit and enjoy the quiet vs running around 24/7

…I see kids have a new understanding of how resilient they are in adjusting to their new circumstances

…I realized that I am able to teach preschoolers via zoom when before, it seemed like an impossible task

…I see my son getting to share moments with his toddlers that normally he would have missed being at the office.

…I realize that I really can cook

…I found that if I stay up and binge watch a show till 2am it’s okay to sleep till noon

…Taking a long ride in the car going nowhere in particular can be fun

…Painting by numbers is relaxing

…All my clothes that I don’t wear will be like new when this is over

…Online shopping is may be more dangerous to my wallet than actually going to the mall

My list of difficulties during this time is longer, but I won’t go there.  My other motto to share with you when I do get down is this: I’m in a grateful funk.

I pray that everyone stays safe, strong, and healthy as we ride this wave.

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