What is a Fairy Tale?

Fairy tales have been enjoyed around the world for centuries.  Many of these enchanted stories were made up and passed down from generation to generation, like a keepsake to be treasured forever.  At first, these fables were told aloud.  But over time, they were written down.

When I began my company, Fairytale Baby Books, I thought a lot about classic fairy tales and the role they play in a child’s life.  So, I began doing some research.

Fairy tales have various components.  I thought it would be fun to share what I found and explore some of them in a Q&A form:

  1. What Are Common Themes in a Fairy Tale?

Most fairy tales begin with, “Once Upon a Time…”  They take place in a far away and magical land.  Kings, queens, princes, and princesses as well as other royal characters, play a major role. Some are full of fantasy and make-believe.  Fairytales often solve a problem.  But one thing is for sure.  They always end with “…happily ever after.”

2. What Do Fairy Tales Teach Us?

My preschool teacher expertise tells me imagination play is vital to a child’s development.  Fairytales help to enrich this skill.  Children love to dress up as their favorite character and act out the story.

They also learn creative ways to overcome evil.  Many of our favorite fairy tale characters have come up with some very creative ways to overtake villainess obstacles that have entered their enchanted world.

Children begin developing reading skills through repetition and seeing words printed on paper.  Many fairytales have words or phrases that are repeated throughout the story.  Using The Three Little Pigs as an example, the wolf repeats the phrase “Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!”  As you read the story, your child recognizes the words and even begins to know when those words are said.

What Are Some Morals in Fairy Tales?

  • The Three Little Pigs …Taking the easy way out an being lazy is not the smartest or best.
  • The Little Mermaid …Sometimes you can’t always have what you want.
  • Cinderella …Luck can change your life
  • Pinocchio …Never tell a lie
  • Frozen …Manage your emotions and practice self-control

With these three main elements in mind, I began writing our first story for Fairytale Baby Books.  And to this day, each one begins with “Once upon a time…” and ends with the birth of a prince or princess living, “…happily ever after.”

Our customized fairy tale baby books are keepsakes that include many components of classic fairy tales.  Dads and moms are transformed into kings and queens.  Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends become dukes, countesses, lords, and ladies.  We have magical wizards, royal knights, and maidens.  And most important of all, the star of our fairy tale is your child as the prince or princess!!!!!!

We know that children love to hear stories over and over again.  As they see the illustrations and hear this fairy tale version of their birth, your child will learn is to recognize their name and learn their birthdate, both important preschool skills.

I believe that children need to know how special they are.  The moral of every story from Fairytale Baby Books is this: Every child should know that the path to how they came to be, was a journey of love.

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