What is a Fairy Tale?

Fairy Tale

A Fairy-tale is typically a short story that features fantasy characters like fairies, elves, giants, goblins, mermaids, witches, gnomes, etc. Fairy tales usually deals with stories about magic or enchantments that take place in a far-off place and time. 

Fairy tales have been enjoyed by people from the earliest of times.  Many of these enchanted stories were made up thousands of years ago and passed down like a keepsake to be treasured forever. At first these, stories were told from one person to another.  But, over time the stories often changed until they were written down.

There are variations of fairy tale stories.  Some of them are in the genre of an animal like character that through finding love is either saved or turns into a handsome Prince as in “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Frog Prince”.  And, others have a magical component to them like, “Pinocchio”, or “Cinderella”.

Fairy Tales usually tells the story of one person.  Most of the time it starts from the time they were born.  In the personalized stories from Fairytale Baby Books we begin at the moment of conception with, “Once Upon a Time”, and end when the Prince or Princess is born and will live, “Happily Ever After”.

I thought a lot about all of the above elements that goes into making a great fairy tale when I began Fairytale Baby Books.  Children love to hear the story about how they came to be part of their family.  Fairytale Baby Books is a personalized gift you can give to your child or someone close to you. This unique customized keepsake celebrates your birth story in a beautifully illustrated royal fairy tale.

Our fairy tale baby books are customizable personal keepsakes that include many of the elements of the classic fairy tales…kings, queens, royal family members, magical wizards, and most important: The Star of the fairy tale is your child as the Prince or Princess!!!!!!

Fairy tales make for great bedtime stories. The fantasy of magical characters and another world makes for a very fun read and puts your Prince or Princess in a pleasant mood preparing them for dreamland. Share with us your favorite fairy tale.


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