Why Read to Babies?

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a tough and challenging time for any couple.  As soon as your little one comes into this world, you become more aware of his or her well-being and holistic development.  Moms and dads are constantly questioning their parenting skills.  In between exhausting moments, they fear they are doing something wrong.

As new parents, you naturally care about the baby’s development, both their physical and mental growth.  Catering to a baby’s physical needs is vital and feels like a fulltime job because it is!  Who knew something so tiny could take up so much time and energy?!

Obviously, fulfilling physical needs of your little prince or princess must be met immediately.   But equally important, is catering to the needs of the growing brain.  If you are wondering how you could assist your little one’s mental development, here is a simple and fun answer: Find books to read to babies.  Reading books to babies stimulates their brain.

No matter how old we are, reading is one of the best exercises that one can provide for the brain.  This is especially true for babies.  It improves their cognitive and imaginary skills and helps in language development.

Many parents are uncomfortable reading to a new baby.  They are bewildered, wondering how the baby will understand what is being read.  That is why many new parents don’t do it. They may not understand the words, but they begin to see a correlation of you saying the words and turning the pages.  Watch a 2-year-old with a book.  If they have been read to, most will babble away as they look at the pictures and turn the pages.  Remember, children learn through mimicking your behavior.

A newborn starts to recognize their parents’ voices from the moment they are born.  But the voices of others remain unfamiliar without daily contact.  When my first grandchild was born, I felt that reading to him early and often was his opportunity to hear and begin recognizing my voice.  That is why it’s important for family members or caregivers to read to your baby. It will likely help the infant identify them by the tone, quality, and speech pattern of their voices.

Reading to a toddler is also very important.  There are numerous personalized children’s books out there that when read aloud, help them discover their identity and how they fit into the world.  For example, our custom fairytales help children begin to recognize their names, the name of their parent(s), and discover how excited everyone was when they were born.

Storytime with toddlers is also an excellent way for them to learn that not everyone is the same. It gives them appreciation and tolerance for others.

Books for teaching tolerance & diversity

  1. It’s Okay to Be Different
  2. The Skin You Live In
  3. We’re Better Together
  4. Love Makes A Family
  5. Beegu

Our days and nights are full.  But it is well worth the time to take a break from your busy and hectic life, sit with your baby or child in your arms, and read him or her a story.  I have no doubt you will sense that both of you have gained something invaluable from this precious moment. 

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